Gift points

In order to reward our loyal customers, we have introduced the reward and loyalty system based on GIFT POINTS! You will receive GIFT POINTS for each order on our website. These points can be used to receive discounts on future purchases.

For each order of at least 100 RON you will receive as a gift 10 GIFT POINTS the equivalent of 10 RON, which you can use for the next order.

Details and regulations of use

Gift points are awarded only to customers who have created or already have a customer account on the site and place the order online through the web page, from the customer account. Order points will automatically be credited to your account only when your order is completed.

If you cancel an order in which you used gift points, they will be automatically returned to your account. If you cancel an order, the gift points you were to receive based on the order will be automatically canceled.

If you return a product, the gift items for that product or products will be canceled. Gift points can’t be exchanged for cash.

The validity of the gift points related to an order is 180 calendar days from the moment the order is processed. To start using the gift points you must have purchases from our online store of at least 100 RON.

Points earned in your account are offered as a gift and don’t imply any contractual obligation.

Informative note:

Products that are in PROMOTIONS DO NOT benefit from Gift Points. We reserve the right to change the rules, how to award and use the gift points without prior notice.

How the system works:

When you add the product or products to the cart and click on SEE CART or FINISH at the top of the cart, the number of gift points allocated for the order and the value in RON of the points automatically appear. After placing the order, the points will be reserved, after which they will be automatically assigned to your account upon completion of the order.

If you have already allocated Gift Points in your account, you can use them for the following order, as follows:

  • add the product or products to the cart
  • after clicking on SEE BASKET or FINISH at the top of the basket the number of Gift Points available in your account and their value in RON automatically appears
  • to use the points click HERE ICON to apply the points
  • after which a field will open where you can specify the number of gift points per gift you want to use
  • after specifying the number of gift points click on the black button with the inscription HERE ICON to apply the points
  • after following these steps, continue completing the order

If you change your mind and don’t want to use the gift points then on the right side of the basket next to the number of points and their value find the Remove button, click on it and the gift points will be deleted from the current order and will be returned automatically in your account, so you can use it for a future order.