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The use (visit or purchase of products) of this website involves the acceptance of the terms and conditions of use.

For the use of this website in the best conditions, we recommend that you read carefully this document.

SWISS HOSPITAL SRL undertakes the right to make changes of these provisions without another notice.

The latest version of Conditions of use can be read anytime by using the link ”Conditions of use” from the menu Useful Information.



This website is administered and maintained by World Estetix and hosted by the servers of World Estetix Company.


The whole content of website – images, texts, graphs, symbols, WEB graphics elements, scripts, software and other data – is the property of and its suppliers and is protected by the Copyright Law and the laws regarding intellectual and industrial property. The use of any elements listed above without the consent of is punished according to the laws in force.


World Estetix is not liable for the content, quality or nature of websites by which you arrive by links from this website (links of commercial or advertising nature). The liability for these websites belongs entirely to their owners.


World Estetix does not take responsibility and cannot be held guilty for the damages appeared by the use in any way of the products purchased from this website. The website and the related materials are used ”as they are” and ”as long as they are available” without guarantees of any kind.

World Estetix does not ofer any guarantee expressly and implicitly regarding inclusively, but without limitation to the operation of this website, the information, content, materials or products from the website and their fitness for a certain purpose.


World Estetix guarantees the user limited access for personal interest to this website and does not confer the right to download or change fully or partially the website, to reproduce fully or partially the website, to copy, sell/resell or exploit the website in any other way, for commercial purposes or contrary to the interests of website without the written consent of its owner.


The company World Estetix guarantees the user limited access for personal interest to this website and does not confer the right to download or change fully or partially the website, to reproduce fully or partially the website, to copy, sell/resell or exploit the website in any other way, for commercial purposes or contrary to the interests of website without the written consent of its owner.


Those who access/visit the website can make comments and any other communications, can send e-cards, can transmit suggestions, ideas, questions or other information, as long as their content is not illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, does not disturb in any way the private life of other persons, does not violate the intellectual property rights, does not contain viruses, texts aiming at various promotional campaigns, chain letters, mass emails or any other form of spam. The persons who will use a false email address or will transmit electronic messages or any other communications in the name of another natural or legal person or in the name of any other entity will be sanctioned according to the laws in force.

World Estetix has the right (but not the obligation) to erase any such contents identified on the website. World Estetix will not be responsible and will not be obliged to pay any indemnification for any kind of damages caused by such communications.

In case of sending or display of materials/documents, we consider that the user confers the company World Estetix the non-exclusive, unlimited, free, irrevocable and retransferable right to use, reproduce, change, adapt, publish, translate, create derived works and the right to distribute, to present these contents anywhere in the world by any means. We also guarantee the company World Estetix the right to use the name you associate with such content. The User guarantees that he/she has all the rights over the content he/she displays or transmits on website, by any means so that by the use of this content, he/she does not cause prejudices to any person. World Estetix does not take any responsibility for the content of messages/communications posted/transmitted by a user on


This website uses security measures agains the loss, alteration or wrong use of information which is under our control. The company World Estetix does not take any responsibility for the losses of information caused by errors of software by which our website is designed and hosted. We are also not liable for the errors in the security of server which hosts this website.


World Estetix understands the importance of information presented on this page and makes permament efforts to keep it updated.

World Estetix cannot guarantee the availability in stock of all the products displayed on this website. The Customer will be notified within the average processing time of an order (up to 6 working days) if because of unavailability of stock of a product, the delivery period is extended or the order cannot be honoured. The Customer will be unblocked the amount blocked on credit card for that order. Any complaint regarding the quality of products, delivery or payment will be brought to the knowledge of World Estetix Company in the legal deadline for the resolution of the problem reported by the customer. All the products are accompanied by leaflet issued by the manufacturer. If the products cannot be delivered or suffer deficiencies during the delivery, the customer can ask the immediate return of the amounts already received by the company World Estetix, but not other compensations. World Estetix condemns the attempts of fraud and gives all necessary support for the recovery of any losses.

By his/her consent to this document, the Customer fully takes these risks. The maximum value of obligations of World Estetix Company to any customer in case of non-delivery or inadequate delivery is the value of amounts received by World Estetix from this customer.


  • The Customer must be registered in the account created on the website or by filling in the purchase order;
  • The products selected should be available in stock;
  • The quantity added in the shopping basket must not exceed the maximum accepted for the purchase of that product.
  • The Customer should choose the available delivery method for the products desired. In the description of the product there is the section Delivery Options where we present the options by which you can purchase the products: door-to-door delivery by Courier or collection from the office of SWISS ESTETIX BUCHAREST.
  • The data introduced in the delivery address and the invoicing address must be accurate and complete;
  • The payment of order should be made online by using a card Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, MasterCard or payment on delivery of products by courier.


Except for the cases invoked above, the customer has the right within 24 hours from the reception of products ordered to notify in writing World Estetix about his/her decision to renounce to the products ordered without the obligation to invoke a specific reason.

World Estetix has the obligation to return within 14 calendar days the value of products ordered, if they were paid for.

Please read the detailed information on the page Return and guarantee (here insert link to the adjacent section).


We use the information collected from the website regardless whether it is personal, demographic, collective or technical data for the purpose of managing the registration of your accounts, answering to your questions, improving our website, consulting the users in order to increase the quality of the products offered. At your registration in account you gave your consent to the use of your personal data so that you are informed by email or other forms of communication on the updating of websites, new opportunities offered by World Estetix and the additional information which is in your interest and newsletters with useful information. The use of personal data by World Estetix is compliant with the legal regulations in force in connection with the protection of persons regarding the processing of personal data and free movement of these data.


World Estetix will not transmit (by sale or rental) to third parties your personal information.

World Estetix can send, however, the information to third parties in the following cases:

  1. With your consent;
  2. If it is necessary to transmit information in order to supply the products and services requested by you;
  3. If the information is necessary to the company partners for improvement or facilitation of services or products requested by you. The partner companies have the right to use the personal data provided directly by World Estetix only to the extent that their assistance is necessary;
  4. We can transmit personal information to authorities or public institutions according to the legal provisions in force or good faith if:
    • it is set out in a legal provision;
    • it protects the rights of World Estetix Company or affiliated companies;
    • it prevents an offence or protects the national security;
    • it protects the safety of individual or public safety;
    • this kind of information is necessary in order to solve various situations;
    • if your activities contravene the terms and conditions stated by World Estetix or instructions for the use of certain products and services.
  5. If World Estetix merges or is totally or partially purchased by another company, the database is transferred to the new data controller. If World Estetix becomes insolvent voluntarily or involuntarily, by the liquidator, administrator or buyer, the database can be sold, authorised, traded only with the approval of the court of law. If the situations mentioned above appear, you will be announced by email or by an announcement posted on the website


The final price paid by the customer is formed by the product price and the transport costs and can be paid online or on delivery. World Estetix charges an additional fee to the customer only if the parcel exceeds 5 kilos (1.19 lei VAT included for each additional kilo) according to the information presented in section ”Transport and Payment”.  The price is calculated after the packing of products, when we send a payment link to the customer, to the email address used at registration of account.

For any other extra fees, you can address immediately:


The website operates according to the legal provisions of the Romanian State.


Any conflict appeared between World Estetix and customers will be amicably solved by understanding between the two Parties. If this is not possible, we will apply the Romanian legal provisions in this field and the settlement of conflicts is the competence of Romanian courts of law.


If any of the clauses aboe is found null and void or invalid regardless of cause, this clause will not affect the validity of the other clauses. With the placement of order and purchase of products, the customer accepts without objections the conditions and terms of use, and their value is the same as a valid contract signed. For answers to the most frequently encountered situations we invite you to consult the pages ”Frequent Questions” and ”How do I order?” where we have detailed the necessary steps for the placement of an order; we also ask you to envisage the announcements posted on the first page of website.