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A thing of beauty is a joy forever!

This is the mission followed by Swiss Clinics since its opening and we believe that the integrative medicine action can be supported by exceptional food supplements studied scientifically by research services, education and specialised consulting, but especially by competent and specialised people dedicated to the field in which they operate.

The products Swiss Clinics can improve the quality of people’s lives by the most advanced solutions of prevention and treatment of integrative medicine, which can improve the lifestyle of the modern consumer.

By the help of science, innovation and devotion of our scientific and development team, Swiss Clinics dedicates its efforts for you to benefit from our premium category of food supplements – Swiss Beauty Essentials.

The food supplements Swiss Beauty Essentials are preparations which contain vitamins, minerals or other substances with nutritional effect or which help certain physiological processes (fibres, aminoacids, fat acids, vegetal extracts). The food supplements are indicated when these substances are missing, are not found in a sufficient quantity in the daily diet or when there are specific nutritional requirements.

It is very important to know that the food supplements are not designed for treatment, diagnosis or curing of diseases. Also, the consumption of nutritional supplements must not replace a balanced diet, but they must be a complement to a healthy lifestyle.

In order to keep a closer contact with our customers, you can contact the Swiss Clinics team by email to the email address: office[at]shop-swiss[dot]ro or on Facebook page.

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